It s worked for Apple and Samsung, and Microsoft is following their lead. So why shouldn t Amazon make its own smartphones?

When left to their own devices, it seems more tech companies are indeed making their own devices.

The Wall Street Journal and other tech publications this week reported that Amazon may be working on two models of company-branded smartphones, as well as a TV set-top box.

One smartphone would be an inexpensive model, but the other would reportedly be pricier and have 3D features and eyeball tracking involving four cameras on the phone that would give a better representation for three-dimensional viewing.

There would also be better image capture that would let users shoot a photo of a product and match it to Amazon s store if that product is offered there.

This is the company that already makes the Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire tablet, which Amazon maintains has sold very well. But Amazon hasn t yet released any specific sales figures for the Kindle.

Jeff Bezos company says the Kindle always sell well at Christmas and is supporting more and more Android apps, as well as all those books and Amazon Instant Video offerings. And therein lies the possible reason for a move to smartphones.

Smartphones and tablets are starting to merge in the e-book size with a 7-inch screen, said Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group. They (Amazon) realize if they don t go into smartphones, they are likely to be displaced by them.

Amazon did not return a phone call requesting comment, but it s unlikely the company would talk about this until it is good and ready.

In other words, when it comes to possible Amazon smartphones - don t call them, they ll call you.

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