The mask and flex ties were a clue, so were the stacks of boxes of stolen electronics. But it was the sawed-off shotguns that tipped police off that two Seattle men were up to no good.

According to the Seattle P-I, Seattle police caught David Cox and roommate Tyree Nation with what police claim was a home-invasion robbery kit.

Federal prosecutors say the roommates stole dozens of keyboards and tripods from a South Park warehouse where they both worked. After the eqiupment went missing, King County sheriff's detectives raided their home and discovered a trove of pistols, shotguns and rifles. Deputies seized 17 weapons, up to $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise, a small amount of drugs and multiple items in their kit.

Cox's fingerprints were on one of the short-barreled shotguns found in a bag with what can only be described as a 'home invasion' toolkit,' Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Hobbs said in court papers.

Both men are suspected, but not formally accused, of committing or planning home-invasion robberies targeting King County drug dealers and traffickers.

Both have pleaded guilty to federal gun charges. Cox was likely headed to federal prison for possessing unregistered weapons; both face theft-related charges in state court.

Cox later wrote a letter of apology to the judge for his conduct and said he plans to stay away from guns once he is released from prison.

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