An initiative to mandate labeling foods that have been genetically modified will go before Washington state voters in November. The debate is heating up over whether this proposal will help or mislead consumers. A new documentary called GMO OMG takes a look at the growing controversy over GMOs. The movie follows a filmmaker and his family on a global mission to get a handle on what is being called an agricultural crisis . Documentary Filmmaker, Jeremy Seifert joined guest host Kim Holcomb from Evening Magazine to talk more about the film and what inspired him to to take his family in search of answers to a seemingly simple question, What am I feeding my kids?

Be sure to check out Dive! ; another critically acclaimed piece by Jeremy Seifert.

GMO OMG will hold its Seattle opening at SIFF's Uptown Cinema September 27-29. Click on the link for times and tickets.

NOTE:In November, voters in Washington State will cast ballots on Initiative 522, which would mandate labeling of all products containing GMOs being sold in the state. Click on the link more information on the pro-522 campaign and the anti-522 campain.

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