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Most of Western Washington is under a flood watch through Friday afternoon as rain, thunder and lightning is forecast for the region.

Thursday night showers and thundershowers are expected, with the possibility of damaging hail and winds, as well as reduced visibility due to heavy rains.

Mid to late evening, the thundershower activity will be focused in central and north Puget Sound. Thunderstorms are less likely after midnight, but the threat of heavy rain remains overnight with lows in the upper 50s to low 60s.

A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect for northwestern Lewis County and southwestern Thurston County. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla Counties in southcentral Washington. Those warnings expired at 6:45 p.m.

The National Weather Service warned the storms could bring hail, as well as lightning, wind and heavy rain.

Viewer Tamera Lynn posted this video to our Facebook page: This is Centralia - The lightning bolts were touching down but they seemed to be far enough away. Suddenly I saw a huge bolt come down and BOOOOM, not even a second in between the lighting and the thunder. I knew it was close. I ran into the house, it scared me! Haven't seen this kind of thunder and lightning since I lived in the midwest.

Meteorologist Lisa Van Cise said the area could reach the average total rainfall for the entire month of September by Friday afternoon. Rainfall in some areas could reach one inch, while parts of the Cascades could see as much as four inches.

The wettest spots will be along the coast and in the Cascades, however 24 hour rain totals from Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon could exceed 2 inches over central Puget Sound.

Some areas experienced thunderstorms early Thursday morning that then tapered off.

The rain is likely to stick around through much of Friday. Most of the rain will fall along the coast and in the Cascades, but 24-hour rain totals in the Central Puget Sound area could reach two inches before it s over.

A flood watch is in effect for most of Western Washington until Friday afternoon with possible urban and small stream flooding. Parts of Eastern Washington are under a flash flood watch.

Of particular concern are areas burnt by wildfires during the summer, the so-called burn scars. Those areas are susceptible to flash floods, debris flows and mud slides. Areas of concern also include steep terrains and narrow canyons.

Places charred by the Canyon, Poison and Peavine fires above the cities of Cashmere and Wenatchee could see the flash floods, the National Weather Service said.

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