Testimony wrapped up in the murder trial of young Hana Williams, who prosecutors say was starved and abused.

Carri Williams took the stand for the last time Friday. Her composure went from calm, to combative, to completely broken down.

When Williams took the stand, prosecutors asked her to look at photos of her family. That s when she lashed out a deputy prosecutor Rosemary Kaholokula.

I recognize all my beautiful children that you have ripped apart, Williams said.

Someone ripped them apart, Kaholokula responded.

You did! Williams said.

Well, one of them died right? the prosecutor asked.

Starting from the day Hana and her brother arrived at SeaTac airport, prosecutors presented a progression of photos of Hana and her brother. Hana seemed to gain weight at first, then drastically lost it.

You didn t see how thin this child was? asked Kaholokula.

I didn t see her body every single day. I didn t go looking at my kids naked bodies, said Williams.

Well you hardly saw her because she was in the closet most of the time right? asked Kaholokula.

No, she wasn t in there most of the time, Williams said.

Kaholokula zeroed in on the day Hana died. Williams said that Hana repeatedly refused to come in. She was wearing a shirt and long shorts. It was rainy that day. Williams remembers the temperatures being in the 50s.

Williams remembers when Hana started violently throwing herself down on the ground, hitting her head.

It was on the gravel, on the cement and on our lawn, said Williams, crying. I couldn t stand to watch her do that over and over again.

So you went inside and turned off the light? asked Kaholokula.

I went inside, yes, but I still monitored her from the inside, answered Williams.

Well, sure, because what else could you do? She was throwing herself down, what else could you do but go inside and leave her out there, right?

I did the best I could, answered Williams.

Hana eventually died of exposure. According to the coroner, she died of hypothermia hastened by malnutrition.

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