SEATTLE -- Members of the Seattle Education Association and supporters gathered Wednesday afternoon for a picket sign party and news conference at Eckstein Middle School to provide an update on contract negotiations with the Seattle School Board.

They lined 75th Street and waved signs with messages such as Support Our Kids and We Want a Fair Contract, cheering whenever a car honked in support.

With teacher strikes a possibility in Seattle and another district, Washington's teachers union says negotiations are continuing and agreements could be reached before classes begin next week.

The teachers in the South Kitsap School District have set an earlier deadline, however, than Seattle teachers. Washington Education Association spokesman Rich Wood says the teachers in Port Orchard have decided they will go on strike if they do not have a contract by Saturday.

Seattle teachers have made plans to take another vote -- possibly on a new contract -- on Tuesday, the day before the school year is scheduled to begin.

Wood says close to 200 Washington school districts had contracts up for discussion this year and these are the only two districts that haven't reached agreements.

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