The yearly ritual of back-to-school shopping is underway, but if you take a look at the lists teachers give parents you might think finding the supplies is harder than the schoolwork itself.

Items we found on school supply lists we found include 2 Black Sharpie fine-point pens (not ultra-fine and not retractable) and Colored pencils for art (not Crayola or Roseart, they are too waxy).

Do parents really need to be concerned with the brand of colored pencils?

A spokesperson with the Lake Washington School District says teachers are trying to make it easier on the students.

Those teachers have seen how those supplies work in their classroom year in and year out, so they know which ones fall apart or don t work so well, said Kathryn Reith.

But back-to-school shoppers at Target in Redmond feel it s becoming too much.

Honestly? Paper is paper, pencils are pencils, I don t think they should be that specific, said Nerelys Ortiz, who is helping shop for her nephew. Part of it is just tough on the parents, tough on the people who buy things to find it at a reasonable price.

Most supply lists we found even asked students to bring in reams of paper to use for printing throughout the year.

School districts say much of this is because budgets aren t what they used to be.

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