How much pot is too much pot? That's one question the liquor control board needs more time to answer.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board was supposed to approve operating rules for marijuana Wednesday. But after input from public hearings last week, they said they need to take a step back.

Under the new law, Washington state must limit or cap the amount of pot that is grown.

So we have to figure out how to license just enough marijuana production to meet Washington's demand, said the ACLU's Alison Holcomb, who authored Initiative 502.

As you might imagine, the state's appetite for pot is hard to calculate. It's why initiative Holcomb believes it's going to be awhile before licenses are going to be issued.

The LCB announced a two-month delay for people applying for a license to grow.

And it's not just how much pot, but how many stores to allow to sell it. These aren't new questions, but getting answers, says Holcomb, has taken a little longer.

Nobody's done this, nobody in the world has created a legal pot market, said Holcomb.

So how much pot is too much pot? After hiring an outside consultant, the liquor control board has its answer: 165 metric tons a year. Do the math and that amounts roughly one one-ounce baggie of pot for every person in the state of Washington. A number the board can now plug into one very complicated equation, hoping to weed out any wiggle room.

The state liquor control board will still meet to hear staff recommendations Wednesday morning. The rules are now set to take effect November 16.

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