Activists on Seattle's Capitol Hill are trying to come up with ways to make their streets safer, in light of a series of attacks on people walking homes from restaurants and bars.

Shaun Knittel of Social Outreach Seattle says his group is promoting the idea of a buddy program called No One Walks Alone, to remind peopletomake sure they walk with friends orpay the money to hail a cab.

Hesays businesses are alsovolunteering to participate ina Safe Spaceprogram.

Any business who participates in this, the staff is trained on how to de-escalate situations, what phone numbers to call, and that training comes directly from SPD or 911 operators, said Knittel.

Knittel says a number of businesses already have the Safe Space sticker in their window. Metro Clothing Company on Broadway is one of them

It's very important to be active and part of the community, said store manager Tristan Clark. To make sure that people have a safe place when they're feeling threatened.

The most recent attack happened early Monday morning, when 36 year old Jason Jacobs was attacked byfive suspects yelling anti-gay slurs. His suffered broken ribs, a broken nose, and his cell phone was stolen as well.

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