Rates of cigarette use are declining in the U.S. but children of current and former smokers face an elevated risk of smoking. Smoking cigarettes is highly addictive. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in adults in the country.

Teen tobacco use in US
- 19 percent of adults smoke in US
- Smoking is leading cause of preventable death
- Dramatic decline in teen smoking since 1997
- 6 percent of 8th graders, 12 percent of 10th graders smoke
- Teen smoking is heritable from family

Pediatrics Study: Family Influence
- Teens smoking strongly associated with parent smoking
- Parent smoking at any age associated with inc risk
- Older siblings who smoke another risk factor for teens
- Parental disapproval of smoking important strategy

Pediatrics Study: Smokeless Tobacco
- No decline in teens using smokeless tobacco
- Over 5 percent of teens use smokeless tobacco
- Most teens also smoke tobacco cigarettes, 72 percent
- Many new products on market
- Teens may not understand harm

What Parents Need To Know:
- Smoking cigarettes still common
- Smokeless tobacco is not necessarily safer and common
- What parents do and say matters when it comes to cigarettes!
- Tobacco products are highly addictive

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