Metro makes a big mistake on its summer bus schedule.

For the first time Metro included Spanish language on the schedule, but the Spanish translation is printed wrong.

No servico.... it reads in Spanish. It means there is no service on these routes weekends or holidays, said Isabel Aleman, who owns a food truck on Seattle's Beacon Hill.

What Metro was trying to say is on holidays you should use the Sunday schedule.

Several Spanish speaking bus riders told KING 5 the language is very confusing.

I would think there's no buses running on the weekends, said one commuter.

Thousands of the incorrect bus schedules were printed in June and there is no telling how many are still in circulation.

A Metro spokesman says a week after the schedule came out, a Spanish speaking bus driver discovered the mistake.

Metro's Jeff Switzer says the mistake came in the printing of the schedule and Metro will make sure it doesn't happen again.

Metro has posted a corrected Rider Alert on every one of its 1,500 buses.

Joana Ramos, a board member of the Washington State Coalition for Language Access, says the mistake could have harmful effects. Because it can prevent people from getting the services they need.

Aleman agrees. These are industrial workers who are trying to get to work and put food on their tables. Me, being Mexican, I would think they wouldn't want me on the bus.

It's Metro's new plan to serve residents with limited English and its bound to be triple checked when the fall schedule comes out in September.

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