Chef Thierry Rautureau, along with Atina Tan and Christine Willmsen, two contestants from his Kitchen Circus show joined Margaret to talk about the web series, which premieres Tuesday, July 16. Atina and Christine then went head-to-head in a summer salad contest with corn as the common ingredient.

For more information about Kitchen Circus, visit their website:

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The Kitchen Circus web series premiers July 16, 2013 with all 4 episodes of Season 1 available to watch on Each episode is ~30 minutes and for the best viewing experience, we encourage fans to watch it on their TV with an internet connected console and the YouTube app (ex. Xbox, Wii, PS3).

More About Kitchen Circus:

We kicked off the first season of Kitchen Circus in 2012 auditioning home cooks to test their skills in Rover s professional kitchen. We filmed the 4 dinner competitions where each contestant made one dinner course for 45 guests. We are now ready to premier the web series. What makes this competition exciting is it involves real people in all aspects; only amateur home cooks could audition to compete, the dishes were judged by all the dinner guests, and videos are free for our online fans. The winners from each dinner moved on to the Finale at the end of the season. Celebrity Guests in the series include: Tom Douglas (Restaurateur Extraordinaire), Steve Scher (NPR Radio Host), Jason Wilson (Chef/Owner at Crush), Maria Hines (Chef/Owner at Tilth, Agrodolce, Golden Beetle), and more.

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