The day after a Bellevue woman was found dead in her home, police are being tight-lipped about the progress of the investigation.

They are making headway in the investigation, but they won't release any new details, but those who new Nataliya Vabishchevich can't say enough about how wonderful a person she was.

She's just one of those types of people that when you first meet her, she puts you at ease, there's something about her, said Dr. Jeremy Welch.

Welch says 35-year-old Vabishchevich didn't just work for him as a massage therapist, she was a dear friend.

From all accounts, clients loved her dearly.

We'll have people call three, four weeks in advance to make sure they get on her schedule, said Welch.

She was found by a co-worker in her Bellevue condo on Monday morning when she didn't show up for work at another clinic.

Neighbors say the native of Belarus was friendly and bubbly and Welch says the most important thing to know about her is how much the single mom loved her adolescent son.

She worked at this job four days a week. She had another job she worked, she'd pick up extra shifts, extra money, and she just sacrificed everything for her son, said Welch.

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