A new film starring Helen Hunt tells the story of a University of Washington researcher who discovered the gene mutation for hereditary breast cancer.

Dr. Mary Claire King had no idea a movie was being made about her work until a student found the trailer online.

Decade ago, Dr. King found the gene mutation that affects a small group of women. Recently, Angelina Jolie became a champion for the group when she talked about her decision to have a double-mastectomy.

In the movie, the patient is a more anonymous, but no less courageous Annie Parker.

What does Dr. King think about her story hitting the big screen?

I really am a teacher and geneticist, and i really do have a goal and the goal is to reduce mortality from breast cancer and ovarian cancer and if this helps to do that, then im all for it and it will be fun.

Decoding Annie Parker is screening at the Seattle International Film Festival Thursday night and Saturday afternoon. Both showings will benefit the King lab at UW. For information on showtimes and tickets, visit the SIFFwebsite.

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