Information from theNational Bridge Inventory Database.

Year Built: 1955

Status: Functionally Obsolete -- this means: Functionally Obsolete is a status used to describe a bridge that is no longer by design functionally adequate for its task. Reasons for this status include that the bridge doesn't have enough lanes to accommodate the traffic flow, it may be a drawbridge on a congested highway, or it may not have space for emergency shoulders. Functionally Obsolete does not communicate anything of a structural nature.

A Functionally Obsolete bridge may be perfectly safe and structurally sound, but may be the source of traffic jams or may not have a high enough clearance to allow an oversized vehicle.

Maintenance Responsibility: State Highway Agency (Washington State Department of Transportation)

Material Design: Steel

Design Construction: Truss - Thru

Structure Length: 338.9 meters

Lanes on Structure: 4

Average Daily Traffic in 2010: 70,925 vehicles

Structural Evaluation: Somewhat better than minimum adequacy to tolerate being left in place as is

Sufficiency Rating: 57.4 percent

The sufficiency is a method of evaluating highway bridge data by calculating four separate factors to obtain a numeric value which is indicative of bridge sufficiency to remain in service. The result of this method is a percentage in which 100 percent would represent a entirely sufficient bridge and zero percent would represent an entirely insufficient or deficient bridge.

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