When an event as destructive as the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma happens, it can be difficult to explain to kids. But events such as this can be used as a learning lesson in school, both through science and service.

This thing happened and we need to discuss it, because we don t live in a vacuum, said Dr. Ed Castro, a teacher at Soundview in Lynnwood. It s important students know they re connected to everything going on, and if we can do something we should.

In the past, students at Soundview have responded to disasters such as the tsunami in Japan and Hurricane Sandy. With this storm, they decided to record a video of the band playing Louis Armstrong s Wonderful World and send it to a former teacher who now works at a school in Oklahoma.

It feels good, just to know that we re helping people or giving them moral support, said student Travis Neils. I think it was a great choice of a song to play and send to people who are in trouble.

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