Hempfest needs to make changes before getting a permit this summer.

The City of Seattle is putting new demands on the festival organizers. It comes after complaints from the Downtown Seattle Association.

In a letter to the city, the DSA writes, This festival has outgrown the current venue. We ask that the city not approve a Myrtle Edwards Park permit for Hempfest.

It becomes a cannabis-crazed crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. The DSA complains about traffic and trash.

Hempfest's founder and director, Vivian McPeak said he's working to address concerns.

To approve this year's three-day permit, the city will require Hempfest to provide more security and clean up neighboring areas.

Along the waterfront, Lower Queen Anne, and Belltown. The staff of Hempfest is going to be taking on responsibilities that they've never had before, said James Keblas of the city's Office of Economic Development.

If changes are made, the permit is expected to be approved in June.

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