A group of May Day activists are focusing on crowd control and crisis response at this year s march.

The May Day 1st Action Coalition met Saturday to train group members on how to deal with situations if they get out of hand like last year.

The peaceful march focused on immigration reform was hijacked by black-clad demonstrators that smashed windows, assaulted people and turned the event into uncontrollable chaos.

Unfortunately a group took things into their own hands and police were disorganized, said Juan Jose Bocanegra, an organizer.

That s in the back of our heads, but this is a new year, said K.L. Shannon, who s in charge of security.

The group practiced communication through walkie talkies and the do s and don ts.

Expect the unexpected because anything can happen, said Shannon.

I m not a genie and I can t tell the future, said Bocanegra.

We have to have a plan. We can t be out there disorganized because if we re disorganized that causes chaos. We keep our fingers crossed that we get our people from point A to point B and that it s peaceful, said Shannon.

Some downtown businesses have hired private security for Wednesday s march. The Seattle Police Department has also assured the public that this time, it s ready.

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