For the morning team, the food they eat has been an important factor in their Get Fit journey. On Tuesday, registered dietician Ashley Besecker stopped by with tips and information on how to eat right throughout the day.

When we eat carbohydrates by themselves, it raises our blood sugar. If we eat them alone, your blood sugar will eventually fall, causing nausea, fatigue, and sugar cravings.

The solution is simple, combine carbohydrates with protein or fat, which help blood sugar come down slowly over 3-4 hours. Then make sure to eat again in 3 or 4 hours to keep your blood sugar from bottoming out.

Ideally, eat breakfast within 40 minutes of waking up, then every three to four hours the rest of the day.

Brown rice and white rice have the same amount of calories and carbohydrates, the difference between the two is in the micronutrients and fiber content. As a whole grain, brown rice will help the blood sugar come down more slowly.

Make sure you stock your house with healthy things. The more supportive you can make your environment, the better you'll be.

Finally, make sure if you have a snack that's less healthy, you aren't eating only carbohydrates. For example, add parmesan cheese to popcorn.

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