OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Following a series of suspicious letters sent to elected officials in Washington D.C., the state of Washington is taking a closer look at all mail sent to the state Capitol in Olympia.

We have supervisors now taking a more active role in that than usual, said Steve Valandra, spokesperson for the state Department of Enterprise Services, which delivers all mail to state agencies, employees and elected officials.

The state started running every piece of mail through an x-ray machine in 2006.

According to Valandra, three million letters and packages are scanned every year.

Unlike the Department of Enterprise Services, the Washington State Patrol has not made any changes in security this week.

Spokesperson Bob Calkins said since the legislature is in session, there are already more troopers on campus than usual.

Senator Pam Roach, R-Auburn, hopes the bombing in Boston prompts the state to upgrade security measures. She wants metal detectors installed at the doors to the public galleries above the House and Senate floors.

There s nothing to keep you from lobbing something on the floor, said Roach.

Metal detectors were placed at the public entrances to the Capitol in 2005.

Lawmakers later decided to have them removed.

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