TACOMA, Wash. -- A Pierce County judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a convicted killer Friday morning.

Lawrence Shandola was trying to sue four people, including Paula Henry, the widow of the man Shandola killed.

He was convicted of the 1995 murder of Robert Henry.

In court, Shandola argued from prison on a speaker phone placed on the judge s bench.

Judge Garold Johnson dismissed the lawsuit, saying it was an inappropriate form of harassment.

Shandola will have to pay Paula Henry, and the three others named in the suit, $10,000 in damages and he must pay for everyone s legal fees.

Wow, said Paula Henry when asked to react to the decision.

Henry said she didn t sleep the night before the court hearing.

I haven t walked in this building since the day he was convicted, said Henry.

She described hearing Shandola s voice as horrible.

Victims should not have to go through this, said Henry.

Henry, and her attorney John Ladenburg, Sr., plan on changing the way state law protects victims of crimes.

Ladenburg said he will try to get legislation passed next year to have restraining orders automatically put into effect to protect victims and their families from those convicted of violent crimes.

Everybody else in the prison s not going to be able to do what he did, said Ladenburg.

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