The latest Facebook celebrity phenomenon is a teeny tiny Yorkie pup who has learned to play pattycake at just 21 weeks.

My name is Misa Minnie & I am 12 weeks old :) my mom has decided that we should watch me grow. A pic a day is the goal! How fast can I change nobody knows, she says.

It took just four days for Misa to learn patty cake.

Misa s mom is Frincess Mancilla, a college student.

Frincess says Misa was 12 weeks old when she adopted her.

She decided to do a day because Yorkies change a lot in appearance in the first two years of their lives.

I wanted to capture as many special moments as I could and it also encourage us to set special time aside each day to take her pictures and play with her, Frincess says.

The videos started as another way to capture moment of the pup s growing and learning.

We actually don't think that what she does is too special or extraordinary, since we believe that if a person takes the time with their dog no matter what the age or breed that they can also learn and build the same bond I have with Misa, Frincess says.

So when we started posting videos we loved how excited everyone was to see her progress and it also made us smile when someone would say they would start training their own dog.

Sometimes people just need the right kind of inspiration and Misa,I think, gives them that in her own way.

You can follow Misa via the Facebook page, tumblr or on YouTube

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