Mayor Cy Sun is speaking out about his 911 call asking for help from the King County Sheriff's Office. He says he may have misspoke when he talked about firing members of his police department.

I would say I was careless in my verbal presentation, Sun said. I just blew off my stack.

The mayor called 911 last week asking the King County Sheriff's Office for a police escort while he delivered a notice to his police chief and a lieutenant that they were being placed on paid administrative leave. King County Sheriff's Office says it didn't have the resources to grant the request.

Mayor Sun says the escort was not for his own protection.

Not to protect me, but to make sure the document has been presented and there is acknowledgment on the recipient's part, said Sun.

Sun says he placed the two staffers on leave while the allegations against them were investigated. But then during his interview with KING5, he stopped using the word allegation.

It's not an allegation, it's a fact, said Sun. And I can't discuss the fact because it has to be investigated.

Sun seems to be unfazed by all the public criticism he receives at city council meetings.

I just look beyond that, Sun said. It's all racism. Ijust sit there and listen to them.

The 911 call reveals even other city agencies, at times, find it hard to take him seriously. During the conversation between a dispatcher and King County Sheriff's Office, they refer to the controversy with the mayor in Pacific with laughter.

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