SEATTLE -- A Bellevue police SWAT team looking for two suspects in a string of robberies shot and killed one of them early Friday as officers surrounded a home in south Seattle to serve a search warrant, police said.

The Bellevue SWAT team was leading the operation at house near 43rd Avenue South and South Hudson Street, in the Columbia City neighborhood, just before 5 a.m. Seattle police detectives were standing by as backup.

Heard some yelling, multiple gunshots, and then booms from concussion grenades, said neighbor David Keys. We hunkered down on the floor and tried to stay safe and wait for police to tell us what the next step was.

According to police, a man in a gold Mercedes trying to get away backed up, ramming a truck. Officers told him to stop, but he put the car into drive and hit the gas. Officers opened fire on the car, hitting the suspect.

The suspect was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where later died, Seattle police spokeswoman Renee Witt said. No officers were injured.

Neighbors said they first saw the car about six months ago.

When it first showed up, it was filled with stuff. It just looked to me, in my opnion, that somebody was living in the car, said Genessa Krasnow, neighbor.

The Seattle SWAT team replaced the Bellevue team after dawn. They searched the house for a second suspect, but did not find him. Police say they found a person of interest at the scene and took him into custody for questioning.

Homicide detectives spent the morning going through the shooting scene. By the afternoon, robbery investigators searched the home.

Police wouldn't elaborate on the string of robberies, but said the crimes were serious enough to have SWAT officers serve the warrant.

KING 5's Elisa Hahn contributed to this report.

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