Sure, you watch quiz shows and get a lot of the questions right, but how would you really do in a head-to-head challenge against the one and only Ken Jennings?

You can find out first-hand in a new app called Trivia Death Match With Ken Jennings, released by Seattle-based FilmWise LLC and OtherWise Games in cooperation with the 74-time Jeopardy champion. The app features 1,000 questions, delivered in a series of 20 rounds that let the user race against Jennings, competing for speed and accuracy.

Yes, our friend Ken is way smarter than most of the rest of us or at least much faster and more accurate when it comes to trivia questions but losing has never been this much fun. For me, playing the game ended up being more about trying to improve my score (with Jennings as a benchmark) without having any hope of winning.

The app,released today for iPad and iPhone, costs $2.99.Future themed Quiz Packs will add new sets of questions for an additional 99 cents.


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