Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said Friday that he's ready to sign off on the monitoring plan that will oversee how the city's police department implements reforms agreed to after a Justice Department investigation.

McGinn's announcement came a day after he appeared at odds with the federal monitor, Merrick Bobb, and City Attorney Pete Holmes.

The mayor said he met with Bobb on Friday and was able to talk through concerns the city has with the federal monitor's plan.

McGinn's office said the mayor had a good conversation with Merrick Bobb in which he addressed a number of the concerns that the city of Seattle has had with the proposed monitoring plan. Based on that conversation, the mayor indicated to the monitor that the City accepts the monitoring plan submitted to the court with the mutual understanding that the plan is a living document that can be amended and that the parties will work together on timelines for adoption and implementation of reforms detailed in the Settlement Agreement.

The statement continued: The mayor and the monitor also agreed to hold regular meetings so as to better align the work of the City and the monitor on reform, which the City Attorney will also attend. The Mayor's Office and City Attorney staff will be working on a pleading for the court consistent with the mayor's conversation with the monitor.

Holmes' office issued the following statement after hearing McGinn's announcement: City Attorney Pete Holmes filed a notice in federal court today approving the monitoring plan on behalf of the City. Holmes is pleased that Mayor McGinn now accepts the Monitor's filed plan and looks forward to working with the Monitor, DOJ, the Mayor, SPD, and City Council in moving forward with reforms under the settlement agreement.

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