We know that teens spending a lot of time connecting with friends online.

Now it seems kids are getting online even younger and they're staying online longer.

Cierra Stowe is all over social media, I have Instagram, Facebook, games, Tumblr, Twitter.

Many sites require users to be 13. But young users are finidng a way around that, even with their parents; knowledge.

Ihad Facebook when I was in 5th grade and that's how I got ahold of my friends and everything, said Rhiannon Stark.

But want if you want your kids to connect more offline?

Seattle mom Katie Thompson may be able to help.

She's created a free website called Sigby. The site helps parents find activities for their kids - whether they are toddlers or teenagers.

Thompson says it's all about creating memories that aren't in digital form.

For a parent to find a way to engage their kid and get their kid with their friends out of school doing something away from texting and the second screen. And they're the thing they're going to remember.

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