Back taxes are creating a serious back lash for bars and businesses.
Hundreds showed up to support the Century Ballroom Saturday night. The popular dance venue owes more than $90,000 in taxes and is asking the public to step in.

Under state law, if a business offers customers the opportunity to dance, a tax must be collected.

Hallie Kuperman, owner, claims she didn t know about it. According to Kuperman, information about the Opportunity to Dance tax wasn't properly made public until recently.

It wasn't on our radar, said Kuperman.

Years went by, the tax bill got bigger and now she has less than three months to pay up.

We ve just passed $23,000, which is a quarter of our goal, said Gavin MacDougall, a ballroom employee.

A sweet sixteen celebration made a quick step into becoming a fundraiser, with members of the community taking the lead.

We came here for our first date years ago, said Megan Mattas, an attendee.

Mattas and her boyfriend Paul say the ballroom has great sentimental value. They don t want to see it go.

I wanted to show my support, so they don t go out of business, said Mattas.

Despite far to go, Kuperman is upbeat.

I m just going to cross my fingers, she said.

The State Department of Revenue claims there s no reason for businesses to not know about the tax.
While an effort to repeal the tax is in the works, Kuperman says her focus is raising the money to make sure her business stays open.

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