SALEM Animal shelter workers in Salem Wednesday were looking for the owner of a pizza-nabbing dog that had jumped inside a family s car.

Marion County deputies were called to the home on Haysville Road to find the barking Siberian husky in the backseat of the Figuroa family s Ford Explorer.

Earlier in the day, 19-year-old Alondra Figuroa and her family had gone grocery shopping and picked up a large cooked pepperoni pizza to bring home. Deputies said her 4-year-old brother started eating it in the car.

After they parked and began unloading groceries, the dog, which had been seen next door, had jumped inside and begun eating the pizza. The dog became aggressive, so Figuroa called police.

Dog Control officers were able to get the dog out and take it to the County Dog Shelter.

No one was hurt.

The dog was estimated to be a 4-year old Siberian husky, wearing a collar with the words Don't Mess with My Food inscribed on it.

The dog has a microchip, but no owner information could be found.

The owner of the dog was asked to call the Marion County Dog Services Shelter at 503 316-6690. The shelter is at 3550 Aumsville Hwy SE, Salem.

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