Finding fashion inspiration is a fun hobby. And some of our favorite threads come from the leading ladies and men we watch each week on our favorite TV shows. Our New Day stylist, Darcy Camden, has brought looks from all of our favorite shows and turned them into outfits we can wear everyday.

Downtown Abbey

Get the look: Look for dresses with a high collar and dropped waistline and accessories such as headbands, feathers and art deco jewelry.

Tip: Dressing head to toe is definitely costumey (great for a party, not for real life). If you want to integrate this style into your everyday wardrobe pick one thing and combine it with modern pieces.

Modern family

Get the look: To get The Claire, look for boot cut jeans and a casual top.

To get The Gloria, look for wrap shapes or V-necks, fitted bottoms to show off curves and always high heels.


Get the look: Be fearless and wear white in the winter. It looks luxe and makes you stand out in a crowd.


Get the look: Wear metallic sequins and high heels. Divas always look tall and commanding on stage, but in real life many of them are tiny. Use heels to play the part.

New Girl and The Big Bang Theory

Get the look: Mix patterns and prints. Girls should opt for something fitted and girly (aka a skirt or dress with a belt). and guys should layer up.

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