SEATTLE -- Seattle police are searching for a gunman after a man was shot in the chest in a Safeway parking lot in Rainier Valley.

The shooting happened in the east side of the Safeway parking lot, located in the 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South, just south of Rainier Beach High School.

Witnesses say they heard the sound of arguing and then gunfire. Three men were seen in the area when three shots were fired. One of the men went down, the other two ran off. Surveillance video showed them running behind a McDonald's restaurant.

One of the rounds hit a white SUV. The slug ricocheted off the wheel well and flattened the tire.

Police were tipped to the shooting by an off-duty officer working at the Safeway. He heard the shots and called for backup, but the men were gone by the time they arrived.

The victim is listed in critical condition.

Friday night, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn tweeted there will be extra emphasis patrols in the area as a result of the shooting.

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