SEATTLE -- South Lake Union is a neighborhood that has seen its share of ups and downs. For evidence of this, look no further than the workhouse behind the area's recent rise skyward, the tower crane.

It's incredible, the growth and expansion in this area it's very exciting, says construction manager Dennis Dowell.

Dowell has a front row seat of the transformation. He says they were able to build a new floor every eight days. He's watched his project grow outside his window.

On Monday, streets were blocked off around Terry and John Streets so a crane could be taken away.

Dowell says, Once you take the crane down, it's means you've topped out all the heavy lifting for the project. Now you're starting to button up the project and finish, so it's a big milestone.

Since 1995, nine million of non-residential space, like Amazon's campus, have been built in South Lake Union. That's created space for 85-hundred new jobs in the same time.

The city has also invested some 250 million dollars in transportation improvements.

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