Boeing on Friday said it presented a new contract offer to SPEEA that would increase salary pools for the union s engineers and technical employees.

SPEEA officials appeared immediately dissatisfied with the offer, telling KING 5's Glenn Farley that the contract still sets on cuts and take aways.

If the contract is adopted, engineers would see an increase to 5 percent salary pools during the first two years of the contract and 4 percent in the last two years. Tech employees would see 4 percent salary pools for all four years, with an additional lump sum payment.

The proposed offer includes no revisions to the company s healthcare and retirement plans.

A statement from Boeing Friday read:

We ve worked to resolve our differences with the SPEEA negotiations team, withdrawing many proposals that were important to the company. Since our initial offer we ve shown considerable movement by increasing our salary proposal twice and revising our medical proposal to lower paycheck contributions.

Boeing and SPEEA negotiations resumed this week after a nearly month-long hiatus, and another round is set for Jan. 16, according to Dow Jones Newswires. The news service also quoted Boeing VP for Engineering Mike Delaney as saying the company has contingency plans in place if SPEEA members go on strike.

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