TACOMA, Wash. -- A concrete pillar fell on a Tacoma street during demolition of an old highway overpass Friday afternoon.

A safety buffer was in place and no one was hurt, but, all that debris came crashing down on a water main, punching a hole in a water line prompting a health alert to businesses near the Tacoma Mall.

Business owners say issues like this aren't the first from this project.

They don't care whether we lose business or not, said Java Jive owner Danny Staatz.

Bob's Java Jive has been launching some big music careers for generations, but times change and business has been struggling.

For the last two years the Highway 16 construction project has had the road to the historic landmark blocked.

Then Friday's severed water main has drowned any chance of the business making a buck this weekend.

The water woes are just the latest trouble caused by the massive construction project. Staatz has done her best to let people know her joint is still jumping--at least trying.

It's heartbreaking, said Staatz. I was really depending on a good weekend trying to pay the's really heartbreaking.

Staatz isn't sure how much longer she and the business can hold on.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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