LAKE STEVENS -- Highland Elementary School first grade teacher Lauren Morris posted on her classroom Facebook page that she'd like her students to wear hats on the first day of school after winter break. The reason? She'd be wearing one because she lost her hair over the holidays due to chemotherapy.

She should've guessed it was something her classroom parents couldn't keep under their hats! Parent Dorie Boyles notified the principal, school staff, and other parents, encouraging the entire SCHOOL to wear hats on Monday .... and they did.

Fuzzy hats, colorful hats, cowboy hats, animal hats, and baseball caps were perched on scores of heads as students surprised Mrs. Morris in the play yard before school. One student gave her a bag of hand made caps her mother had made. Another presented a colorful dragon picture. A third student gave her a lucky amulet from Japan.

It makes me feel pretty incredible, said Mrs. Morris, with tears in her eyes. Thankful and just blessed that the whole school would do this for me. I feel lucky to be here.

Principal Matt Pewitt said hats are normally not allowed in class but this was a special occasion. It's a wonderful example of our community coming together and really supporting the people that they love.

Mrs. Morris has warned her students about her treatment for cancer and that eventually she would lose her hair. When asked how it felt to be wearing a hat just like Mrs. Morris, student Hannah Wentz said, Awesome!

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