Police arrested a man who robbed a bank in north Seattle, took a man hostage, then crashed his car after a police pursuit.

Seattle Police say the man went into the Wells Fargo Bank at Wells Fargo Bark at N. 132nd St. and Aurora Ave. N. at about 11 a.m., claimed he had explosives, and demanded money.

After receiving money, the suspect left the bank and car-jacked a truck.

Jake Gift was in line at the drive through at nearby Gourmet Latte.

He just walked up, jumped in my truck and was like drive, said Gift.

His heart raced, but Gift kept his cool.

If anything I thought try to befriend the guy to make sure he wasn't going to hurt me, he said.

The robber sounded desperate.

The whole time he was saying someone had his wife and kidnapped and that he needed 120 grand to get them back, said Gift.

The suspect also had a strange device strapped to his body.

It was a black tube looking thing ... had some wires in it, said Gift.

They eventually pulled over, where the suspect had stashed a car.

He kind of just let me go, said Gift.

The suspect then took off. The King County Sheriff s Office spotted the suspect and he led them on a pursuit.

The suspect wrecked the vehicle near the Edmonds ferry dock.

The man claimed to have explosive devices and the King County Sheriff s Office bomb squad was called.

The FBI and ATF were also called in.

Police say a suspicious device that was found was not a bomb.

The 30-year-old suspect was interviewed by detectives and was booked into the King County Jail.

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