Renton Police are looking for a thief who stole Christmas gifts from a porch Friday and replaced them with empty boxes. The homeowner s security camera captured the crime taking place.

I hope we do find you, and we are going to find you, said Estephany Lagmay. Her packages were taken, but are being replaced by the seller.

The video shows a white man driving what appears to be a Toyota Land Cruiser to Lagmay s doorstep just minutes after a FedEx truck made its delivery. The suspect gets out and swaps empty delivery boxes for the full ones. Inside the SUV, other boxes are visible.

I m glad it was recorded because it lets everyone be aware, Lagmay said.

Her parents installed cameras on their house not long after moving in eight years ago. They said just after settling in, their house was robbed.

Renton Police said these kind of robberies happen more frequently around the holidays when people buy more online.

In this case, extra eyes in the form of a camera could be the difference.

Not only should it be addressed to the cops, it should also be addressed to the community, said Lagmay. It s the easiest way to steal.

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