Over 450 tires on at least 150 vehicles were found slashed in Marysville early Friday morning.Most of the vehicles had two or more tires cut.

The vandalism happened around the 9600 block of 52nd Drive NE. A conservative estimate puts the total losses at more than $50,000.

This is gonna cost us close to $2,000, said Michael Bell. Seven tires were cut on four of his vehicles, including his work van. I'm out a day's work. We were planning to take the kids to Leavenworth for a holiday weekend. That probably won't happen now. It's just too bad.

The nearby Discount Tire was flooded with business. Manager Chris Kroll had to bring in three extra employees to handle all the work.

We've done more than a regular day's work in just a few hours this morning, he said.

There are no suspects.

Police are asking for the public to contact them with any information about the crimes. They re also asking any residents who have security cameras to review the video for any suspicious activity in the area.

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