In a sea of Navy blue, she may blend into the crowd. But today, Lt. Amber Cowan and three fellow officers stand out among their peers.

At an awards ceremony at Naval Sub Base Bangor, Lt. Cowan is about to be honored among the top in her field of undersea warfare, by being awarded her dolphins. They are the navy's version of high honors for those considered leaders of the next generation of submarine sailors.

Her navy husband, Lt. Adam Cowan, who also once worked on submarines, secured leave from his post in Virginia Beach to pin her award.

I am so glad she was selected because she will show 'em how it's done, he said.

Having her husband here might have meant more to Lt. Cowan than the dolphin distinction itself.

I was here for his wings and now that he's here for my pinning, it's very special. Very honored to have him pin me.

Another female sailor, Lt. Jennifer Noonan received dolphins today as well. She and Lt. Cowan are two of only three women to be awarded the distinction.

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