Remember when gas prices went through the roof in May and October and that it was largely blamed on refinery outages?

New research expected to be released Thursday shows that refiners were actually still producing gasoline during that time, McClatchy Newspapers reports.

Oregon-based McCullough Research reportedly went through thousands of pages of environmental documents to find that refineries were still in operation even though the public was told there were outages and maintenance shutdowns.

The report said that emissions from at least two refineries in California show they were still in operation even though they were reportedly down for maintenance. It also found that gasoline inventories were growing in May even as West Coast gas prices rose substantially, and that the October price spike was 66 cents per gallon higher than it should have been based on historical patterns.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., reportedly plans to send at letter to the Justice Department and the Obama Administration, calling for an investigation into the price spikes.

May's price spike was partly blamed on a fire at BP's Cherry Point refinery in Washington state.

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