King County engineers walked through the slide zone on Friday after dam failed and caused a flash flood on Monday. They found no threat of a secondary avalanche from the steep hillside.

A stream in a narrow ravine near Duvall became a destructive gush of water, silt and debris that tumbled down onto the homes, roads and fields below on Monday.

The flooding water came from a 10-acre, three-foot-deep pond held back by a dam built by beavers over the past several years. On Monday, that dam failed, creating a flash flood.

The enginners showed KING 5 giant cedars torn from the torn, massive log jams, and how the flood turned the narrow ravine into a wide swath of scoured forest.

They were relieved to find the creek flowing freely through the forest. It does appear the stream will back up in another reservoir that could be released by a winter storm.

That's good news to the homeowners who are still digging out.

Bob Siko, whose home took the brunt of it, asked for the engineers to inspect the slide zone. Knowing it poses little threat to him now makes him feel better. He still wishes County officials who inspected the pond years ago would have kept him informed of their findings.

Since the pond is on private property, and is not man-made, county workers say they had no authority to break it up or drain it.

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