Nearly two-thirds of Washington state high school graduates are going to college, and most of those are staying in state.

A survey by the Education Research and Data Center found that 62 percent of Washington s 65,706 high school graduates went to a two-year or four-year college in 2010. That s a slight decrease from the 63 percent of graduates that went to college in 2009.

Eighty-three percent of those who went to college did so in Washington. Half went to a public two-year school and 28 percent went to a public four-year school. Six percent chose a private school.

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The most popular choice for a four-year school was the University of Washington followed by Washington State University, Western Washington University, Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University.

The most popular two-year schools state-wide were Bellevue Community College and Clark College.

Seventeen percent of state high school graduates went to college out of state, with the most popular choice being a private four-year school.

Seattle had 71 percent of its graduates go on to college with 81 percent of them staying in state. An analysis of the figures shows most Seattle graduates are chosing to go to public 2-year colleges rather than to public 4-year universities, with the majority choosing to attend Seattle Central Community College.

Elsewhere in the Puget Sound Region, Bremerton School District has one of the lowest rates of college-bound students (38 percent). By comparison, Bellevue Schools has one of the highest rates at 85 percent, with most of their students going on to the University of Washington (39 percent).

The Education and Data Research Center indicated that the purpose of these reports is to inform schools or school districts about their students endeavors following graduation. The current reports are restricted to postsecondary enrollment, but future reports will also include workforce participation.

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