More scrutiny Tuesday over Republican Rob McKenna and his travels as attorney general.

On Sunday, the Seattle Times reported that McKenna spent eight weeks traveling last year - on trips paid for by outside groups.

Now, with seven days to go before the election, Democrats say there are other trips where taxpayers footed the bill, including one trip to Disneyland in July.

It was a conference of western attorneys general. Taxpayers paid about $1,500 for McKenna's airfare and a hotel room at a Disney resort.

The state says McKenna attended official events every day and he paid out of his own pocket for his wife and kids to come along.

Publicola reports McKenna also held a campaign fundraiser while in Anaheim.

Even though taxpayers paid for the trip, the AG's office says McKenna can do what he wants on his personal time.

There was no comment from the McKenna campaign.

Democrat Jay Inslee is scaling back his claim on how much the state could save on health care.

In our KING 5 debate a couple weeks ago, Inslee talked about moving state employees to a preventative health plan.

When asked if he has a plan to find money for schools if the economy doesn't bounce back in the next couple years Inslee said We talk about a very important thing of health care reform. If we can reduce our inflation rate by five or six points, that is hundreds of millions of dollars that can be made available for education.

Inslee made that comment based on what he thought King County was able to save by changing its health plan.

Inslee was assuming that King County saved about $30 million a year. But the Inslee campaign says it recently discovered the actual savings in King County was about a third of that: $9.2 million a year.

Inslee's campaign says that could still translate into substantial savings if the state adopted a similar plan, but it's not nearly as much as Inslee stated.

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