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SEATTLE -- Tonight, the public was suppose to get its first look at the Seattle Police Department's new drone. But protesters appearing to be from the Occupy movement hijacked most of the community meeting in the city's Central District.

The Dragonflyer X6 is an unmanned, unarmed drone that police say they'll use to get aerial footage of crimes scenes. SPD expected some skepticism and opposition at Thursday's meeting, but was hoping the question and answer session would help ease tensions.

But few people could be heard above the screaming protesters, who chanted No drones! No drones!

Chief Paul McDonough tried to rationalize with the angry audience.

All I'm trying to do is have a respectable conversation, he said. It's all one-sided at this point.

Arguments broke out in the audience. Some residents voiced their concerns over loss of privacy if the unmanned aerial vehicles are used.

You're in my backyard while I'm naked, barbecuing! yelled one man.

Eudora Carter, a Central district resident who is worried about how the drones will be deployed in her neighborhood, left the meeting disappointed.

We didn't have an opportunity to get any information, she said.

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