TACOMA, Wash. - A state senate candidate calls an opponent's flyer disgusting and provocative.

But her opponent says it's accurate.

Rep. Jeannie Darneille, a Democrat, is running for a state senate seat in Tacoma.

She's served six terms in the house and is used to seeing negative ads.

But she says a flyer mailed out by Jack Connelly, another Democrat, crosses a line.

The flyer features a picture of what appears to be a teenager wearing a skirt or shorts sitting with her back against a set of school lockers.

Connelly said he does not consider the ad provocative.

He said the flyer features a model, not an actual student.

Connelly said the image illustrates the kind of person who is now protected under a law passed in 2009.

The vote reflected very poor judgment, said Connelly.

Legislation passed overwhelmingly that session making it illegal for teachers to have sexual relationships with students 18 years and older.

Connelly said he would have voted for the bill.

They [18-year-olds] are the most vulnerable to being taken advantage of, said Connelly.

Darneille was one of 14 representatives who voted against the 2009 bill.

She said she does not condone the acts but believes 18-year-olds are old enough to make their own decisions.

They're adults, said Darneille. They can join the military, they can get married, they can join the army.

Darneille thinks the image in the flyer shows a young woman dressed provocatively and suggests she's not in a position to make her own decisions.

It also struck me as implying that young women provoke sexual assault or provoke a situation where they would not be safe, said Darneille.

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