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The North Sounder train hit a semi truck and ripped the front end off it in Edmonds Tuesday morning.

No one was injured in the crash. The truck driver said it all happened because he got lost.

Some Seattle-Everett North Sounder trains were cancelled as a result of the crash. Passengers on board the North Sounder that hit the truck were off-loaded and put onto buses instead. All afternoon trains are scheduled to run as normal.

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The crash happened just before 7:00 a.m. near the Edmonds Station and Edmonds-Kingston ferry terminal.

The driver said he was using GPS to navigate to his company headquarters, but was directed to the ferry terminal instead.

Realizing he was on the tracks, the driver told police he tried to back up but couldn't because the truck got caught on the train-crossing arm just as the North Sounder headed his way.

The crash tore part of the truck's front end off, scattering debris all over the road. It also caused the front car on the North Sounder to detach from the rest of the train.

The Edmonds-Kingston ferry continues to run as normal, however one lane heading into the terminal is blocked.

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