Well there s a lot happening in the world this week, so let s get going with our weekly round of hot topics! Weighing in on stories that are weird, wonderful and make you go Gee, whiz are a great group of panelists. We have our very own New Day Audience Coordinator Suzie Wiley, happiness expert, family law attorney, and adjunct law professor, Carol Bailey and from Seattle Children s, we have our good friend and pediatrician, Doctor Cora Breuner. Lastly we welcomed Bender, who came fresh off the air from hosting the Jackie and Bender morning radio show on 106.1 FM.

To find out more on these hot topics, click on the links below!

  1. Man dies after winning bug-eating contest
  2. Yahoo CEO cover photo is a big diss to women
  3. Mythbusters prove Jack didn t have to die at the end of TITANIC
  4. Cancer patient asked to lift bandages at Sea-Tac
  5. The show must go on: QVC lady faints on camera and the guy just keeps on selling!

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