Residents in Seattle s Rainier Beach neighborhood are on alert after a man was found shot to death in a car Thursday morning.

Police have not made any arrests in the shooting. While officials have not identified the victim, the mother of Jamie Turner, 27, believes it was her son who was killed. Turner was a young father of three with a baby born just a week ago. Turner's mother says the car where the victim was found belonged to her son.

Even though residents don t think the victim lives in the neighborhood, they said the crime is alarming enough to take action.

I don t like it, said Meg Larsen, resident.

Larsen lives a few blocks from where the victim was found. She s concerned about the shooter, who remains at large.

I m making sure my doors and windows are locked good and tight, said Larsen.

The area s neighborhood watch program sent an email to residents about what happened.

Seattle police said around 4 a.m. neighbors heard gunshots and called 911. Officers found a dead man slumped in his car seat with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body. The victim s car was still running.

This is a vulnerable neighborhood, said Deena McCloskey, resident.

In August, Seattle police shot an armed suspect in the park at nearby Pritchard Island Beach. McCloskey believes the best way to stop the crime is to strengthen the community.

The more that we know each other, the more that we are connected, the better we can help each other, she said.

With increased crime activity, a paranoid neighbor planned to start attending neighborhood watch meetings.

I will go to a meeting since it s another one of those damn things, said Gordon Anderson, resident.

Larsen hopes the shooter is caught soon. She said, in the end, her community will be stronger.

This is just another reason to step it up a little bit, said Larsen.

Neighborhood watch members said they want more police presence. Meanwhile, Seattle police searched the area for clues about the shooter and the suspect s car. But so far, investigators have no leads.

Police said Thursday s homicide was the 24th in the city this year.

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