The Anacortes City Council is expected to vote Monday night on a measure that would clear the way for a controversial water bottling operation.

Opponents including residents in several nearby communities and a river protection group are expected to turn out tonight to oppose the one million square-foot beverage bottling plant which would be operated by Tethys Enterprises Inc.

The operation would reportedly pull up to five million gallons of water every day from the Skagit River to be bottled on site for products such as tea, soda and bottled water.

Opponents are skeptical of the company s claim that as many as 540 jobs would be created and are worried the facility would, in addition to tapping into the Skagit River, increase traffic and noise in the area.

The council will vote Monday night on a expansion of the City s Urban Growth Area to accommodate the plant. The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 in the Municipal Building Council Chambers.

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