TACOMA, Wash. -- The Dean of Students at First Creek Middle School is on paid leave after a student said the dean encouraged him to fight another student.

He said if you really want to fight so bad, then just go outside, said Shyhem Witcher-Shabazz, a seventh grader at First Creek.
Witcher-Shabazz, 12, said he and a classmate were sent to the dean's office after fighting in class Tuesday.
Witcher-Shabazz told the principal, and KING 5 News, the dean escorted the two boys out of the building and watched them fight for several minutes.
Neither boy was injured.
Witcher-Shabazz said the dean picked a spot where there were no surveillance cameras.
He said the dean threatened to have the boys suspended if they told anyone about what happened.
While the dean has been placed on paid leave, a district spokesperson said that does not mean he did anything wrong.
School employees are routinely removed from the school during internal investigations.
It is not known how long the investigation will take.
He needs to practice non-violence, sitting down, working it out, said Ciara Valdivia, Witcher-Shabazz's mother.
Valdivia wants her son transferred to another school.
While she is angry, her son is confused by the messages he's getting from the school.
They say they're supposed to help stop fighting in the neighborhood, said Witcher-Shabazz, But they're over here making us fight.

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